July 2017



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Jul. 28th, 2017

Shopping shopping shopping!

After making sure Ingrid was read, Fletcher clicked the button on the teleporter and whisked them away into Casper proper. They were behind a large grocery store, with a delivery truck and two stock workers out on the receiving platform.

"Hey, Fletcher!" one called out to him.

Fletcher waved with a bright grin. "Hi, Derek!"

"Got a girl finally?"

"Shut your mouth, you know I don't swing that way."

"Keep teasing a guy," Derek said with a wide grin, then went back to work.

"Hmph. He thinks I'm teasing," Fletcher grumbled under his breath, turning a bit red.

He looked at Ingrid. "They're used to us popping in back here. They prefer that than popping in out front and scaring their customers. Come on, front's around this way."

Fletcher led her around the building, up an inclined road and around to the front, where the store front loomed over a large parking lot that was fortunately, pretty empty. It was the middle of the afternoon, people were at work, kids were at school, it was past lunch hour and not quite rush hour.

Good time to be there.

Over the four sets of automatic doors- two exit, two enter -were the giant letters 'Albertson's' lit up, even though the sun shone brightly.

"Welcome to the twenty-first century's version of a grocery market," Fletcher said. "If you need to stop and absorb anything, just say so and I'll wait. We're not in a hurry, Brother's going to be awhile before he gets out here, and I think Dad and Shara wouldn't mind some alone time."

Jul. 18th, 2017

Calling future adopted mama!

Fletcher got a call from his adopted dad, telling him to gather up the immediate family and get them out to Wyoming. Russell was going to be a bit longer at work, and Fletcher could just text him warning and pack for them both (and Steve too, apparently). But Shara needed to be told, and that was Fletcher's first order of business.

He clicked dial on her number while he packed up his homework.