July 2017

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Jan. 13th, 2020

[info]overcrowded in [info]wof_ooc

(Mun Post) A (bad) history lesson, now in chat form!

So! Context.

This is an IC chat, the members of the IRC room being Trish Sparda (SexySparda), Amelia wil telsa Seyruun (Call_Me_Queen), Toby (Renault), and Stormwind is someone that Micchi was playing I think mostly for the sake of padding the member list.

(Toby, btw, is a Nosferatu who knows what side his bread is buttered, and is a regular source of info for the Spardas.)

This was for an attempt at the Angel Sanctuary SL in the original WoF; the video game named Angel Sanctuary is actually from the AS manga, and was doing exactly what Toby described: teenagers in Japan would play this game, and later end up dead. Lillith had a copy because she asked a friend at school who had gotten a hold of it to 'borrow' it because she'd heard the rumors and wanted it out of her friend's hands until her parents had gotten a chance to look at it and make sure it was safe.

The technomancer with another goddess's protection is obviously Anna.

Since that SL context of the chat isn't actually in play, the parts about the game and Alexial's body being stolen, etc. aren't actually applicable, but the history lesson's important, and this is about how you can expect Toby to give it.

(Remember that this was in an IRC chat, so you'll have to pardon a couple places where things look like they're weird, they're a result of how IRC worked.)

Chat log here! )